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21 415648 / 84 6751517

ABC Extintores carries a comprehensive range of portable fire extinguishers, including carbon dioxide (CO2), dry chemical powder, water, foam, wet chemical / purple K extinguishers. We sell extinguishers of well known South African brands Safequip and Shaya Fire. If you are not sure which type of fire extinguisher you need, then we recommend reading our blog post How to choose a fire extinguisher.


ABC Extintores sells fire hose reels and hydrant valves too. Further fire equipment includes autonomous smoke alarms, fire blankets, trolley extinguishing units and fire/sand buckets. We also have a range of ancillary products, such as signage, cabinets, covers, key boxes, redlam panic bolts.

ABC Extintores supplies and installs automatic fire alarm systems from renowned brands to hotels, offices, hospital, shopping malls, banks and other sites.

We are also the first and only distributor of Kidde Fire in Mozambique. As such ABC Extintores is apply to supply a wide range of automatic fire suppression systems, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), clean agent (FM-200 / HFC 227ea / Novec-1230) and Kidde WHDR systems.

Please contact us for a free quotation on:

21 415648 / 84 6751517




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