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Protecting life and property with fire alarm systems

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Response time is critical when it comes to combating fires. A small fire that is just starting can in most cases be put out with the help of a handheld fire extinguisher. When a fire is fully developed at times not even the fire brigade is able to extinguish the fire.

A fire alarm system can give you an early warning that a fire is developing. A fire alarm system consists of a number of detectors that is linked to a fire panel. The fire control panel is typically centrally located at the entrance of the building or in the security control room. A fire alarm system will also have manual call points (MCPs), which allow the occupants or users of the buildings to send an alarm signal manually. The fire alarm system will sound the alarm (audible and visual) when a fire is detected.

The proper installation and wiring of the alarm system is of critical importance in order to reduce false alarms as much as possible. Excessive false alarms can annoy the occupants of the building and may cause them to silence or switch off the alarm. In the absence of national norms and regulations, international standards should be followed.

Fire alarms are very suitable for hotels, office buildings, warehouses, power plants, hospitals and in general any larger buildings. Fire alarm systems serve to protect life and/or property. ABC Extintores installs and services fire alarm systems from all the main South African suppliers. Please contact us for more information or a quotation on 21 415648 or 84 6751517.

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