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Are your fire extinguishers up to date?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

It is said that one only really appreciates fire extinguishers in case of an actual fire. But will they actually work when needed? The maintenance of fire extinguishers is more than a legal obligation, it is an important component of your overall fire protection measures.

In Mozambique fire extinguishers must be serviced half yearly by a registered fire protection company. The servicing includes a visual inspection of the fire extinguisher and a weighing of the extinguisher to ensure that it has not lost any of its charge. Extinguishers that have been used, even if they are not completely empty, should be recharged immediately.

Additionally, every 5 years extinguishers must be fully discharged and undergo a hydrostatic pressure test to reconfirm the integrity of the cylinder. In environments where the extinguisher is subjected to corrosive gasses, the hydrostatic pressure test must be done every 3 years.

In addition, we recommend our clients to check monthly if the extinguishers haven’t lost charge and continue pressurized. We have labels available for this purpose. At ABC Extintores we carefully track the maintenance dates and inform our clients before the next servicing is due, so that the extinguishers are never out of date.

To schedule your fire extinguisher maintenance, please call us at 84 675 1517 or 21 415 648.

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