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Close your door!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Today, we’ll discuss an easy firefighting technique. And the best thing is, it is free!

As you know fire needs oxygen to exist. Without oxygen, there is no fire! A simple way to delay the spread of a fire in a building is to close the doors. Not only will this reduce the amount of oxygen available to fire, it will also reduce the spread of smoke and toxic gases. According to the UL Firefighter Safety Institute (FSRI), a closed door during a fire, can mean reducing the temperature from 538 degrees to 38 degrees (°C). In addition, a closed door can keep carbon monoxide levels at 1000 PPM versus 10.000 PPM if the door is left open. On the basis of their research, the FSRI launched the Close Your Door initiative and the website

So, please remember, before your go to sleep, make sure your interior doors are closed. It could one day save your life!

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